Welcome to wrapped up with a Bo. It’s called that because the author is Bo G. Lattery, who is me. The point of this blog is to expound upon the little things that make America either great or awful or just American. An example of something that makes America great is fried chicken. An example of something that makes America awful is meth labs. An example of something that makes America American is fried chicken restaurants that are covers for meth labs LOL!

These are the kinds of things about which I will be writing on. I’m a very smart guy. I didn’t go to college or anything but I write and spell really good and I have really strong opinions about little things I notice about life and so my friends always told me I should start a blog. Plus my sister Beatrice went to college and all it did to her was make her love poor people and hate Wal-Mart. That’s not very American sis and plus it’s depressing!

So if you want to know about me I am in my thirties and I live in Houston, Texas, which is usually called H-Town by people like minorities. I have a pet dog named Bob Barker who is missing his right eye and his left hip because he got shot at an angle. I have two sisters named Beatrice and Bernice and I love them except their periods are always at the same time so watch out!

Well that’s about it. Please enjoy my blog and feel free to email me at mynameisbogus@yahoo.com.